Indebanvan NL Radio - The Bitter Town Edition

Indebanvan NL Radio – The Bitter Town Edition

In this new radioshow we have Dutch hiphop, Belgium Rock, Scandinavian Popmusic, English R&B, American Country, Gospel Music, Dance and Reggae. And an interview with Fleur East!

Listen to the full radioshow below and check the playlist.

The Bitter Town Edition by Indebanvannl on Mixcloud


Dazzled Sticks-Wat Je Doet Voor Een Ander
INHEAVEN-Bitter Town
School Is Cool-AK-47
Anderson East-Satisfy Me
Travis Greene-Intentional
Jack Pack-Light My Fire
Ady Suleiman-So Lost
Bruce Springsteen-I’m On Fire
The Saint Johns-Josephine
Twin Peaks-Making Breakfast
Turin Brakes-96
Jana Kramer-I Got The Boy
Freja Kirk-Red Light
John Deviate-Memories
Fleur East-Sax
Interview with Fleur East
Desaparecidos-City on the Hill
ELO-One Step At The Time
Lauv-The Other
The Leisure Society-Fight For Everyone
Milkbar-Don’t Worry
Feu! Chatterton-La Malinche
Kiko Bun-This Town

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