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Vanavond in For the love of music

Luister donderdagavond vanaf 20.00 mee via www.radiohoorn.nl

Playlist 1e uur

David Bowie-Hello spaceboy
Sheryl Crow-Soak up the sun
Kane-As long as I want this
Van Morrisson-Into the mystic
Hollies-Jennifer Ecles
Dave Matthews Band-If I had it all
Idle wild-I never wanted
Radiohead-Where I end and you begin
Neil Young-Sun Green (nee, niet alle 12 minuten!)
D12-Just like daddy
Dizzy Rascal-Track 3
Cracker-I’m a little rocket ship

Playlist 2e uur

The Donna’s-Take it off
Macy Gray-When I see you
Home-Quelque part on m’attend
Ryan Adams-Shakedown on 9th street
Deftones-Needles and Pins
The Streets-It was supposed to be so easy
Joss Stone-Young at heart
Prince-Sign o the times
The bicycle thief-Song for a Kevin Spacey movie
Damien Rice-Amie

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  • Alida on

    Mooie nummer,ben alleen te laat met luisteren ;)

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